The Kenza Service Model

A new approach to improving pathology testing standards

Kenza Technologies has sourced the most reputable, cost effective and reliable laboratories and courier services to deliver a pathology testing service that can reduce your organisation’s costs and capacity issues.

The Kenza Service Model

The service model in detail:

At every stage of the delivery process described below, Kenza, in partnership with TNT, tracks your samples and their progress to ensure fast and reliable turnaround. Our model brings you the benefit of cost reductions while ensuring that the proper steps are taken to guarantee the stability of your samples.

World-class air courier, TNT, collects the samples from you at your premises, at approximately 4:30 pm. To ensure safe, secure and fast delivery, TNT provides its customers with strict instructions for packaging, marking and labelling clinical samples for shipment.
Your samples are loaded onto the airport bulk carrier, ready for transit.
Your samples reach the nearest international airport and are loaded onto the aircraft the same night.
Your samples reach Bucharest, Romania and are picked up by local couriers or delivered by TNT with guaranteed next-day delivery. On average, delivery times are between 08.30 am – 12.30 pm. UK times. Services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.
The testing laboratory receives your samples, enters them into the lab system and processes them for testing.
The laboratory carries out your tests as per request and produces reports that are shared online with you as per test lead-time.